We would like to express our grateful thanks to the following people, who have generously contributed their time, experience, and skills to the successful completion of this book:

Bronwyn Becker; Freeda L. Cathcart, BA, FLMI; Richard J. Forst, Esq.; Rebecca Hartong; Judy Kay Jones, CPM; Gloria Lemay; Tammi McKinley; Priya Morgenstern, Esq.; Debra O'Conner,CNM; Debbie Pulley, CPM; Cary R. Rosenthal, Esq.; Lucky Tomaszek; Marla Webster; Anita Woods; and all those who generously contributed their stories.

Concept and execution of the cover image were provided by Heather Mains, midwifery advocate and principal of Duegood - A Social Marketing and Communication Design firm, Toronto, Canada.

We would especially like to thank our families, without whose patience and support this book could not have been written, as well as the children who have been born at home with a midwife, who serve as a constant reminder of why birth choice must be preserved.